Heavy Rock/Heavy Psychedelic/Space/Stoner Rock Netherlands 2010s (Tracks) Sungrazer – “Sea”

Psychedelic/Space/Stoner Rock Netherlands 2010s (Tracks)

Sungrazer (Limburg, Maastricht, Netherlands)

“Sea” (written by Sungrazer) A3 track included on the album “Mirador” 

Released on Elekrohasch Schallplatten ( EH 150) on 8th July 2011

Lyrics :

Givin ‘room, hard to blame
It isn’t all what they say
Do I know, water grows
Is it all gonna blow?
And I drown it, once again
Riding the way along the sea
Telling me: “oh, why don’t we leave”
Follow the crowd, follow the heat
Watchin ‘the strip hittin’ down below
Flowin ‘around nowhere to go
You wanna know how to leave
Waving the haze on your own
Could you be tomorrow
Paint the nighttime red
Like the sea
Colour my horizon
Be my Daily Bread
Like the sea

Line-up :

Rutger Smeets / guitar, voices
Hans Mulders / drums
Sander Haagmans / bass, voices

SUNGRAZER were formed as a Dutch heavy / psychedelic / stoner rock trio by Rutger SMEETS (guitar, voices), Hans MULDERS (drums), and Sander HAAGMANS (bass, voices) in early 2009. Gaining wide musical view by lots of gigs with other experienced stoner rock artists like ROTOR or COLOUR HAZE, or appearing on stage of Roadburn Festival, Stoned From The Underground Festival and so on, they made a formal contract with Elektrohasch Records and released their eponymous debut album in the following year. In July 2011 they released their second album “Mirador” via Elektrohasch Records.

In 2010 Sungrazer played many gigs, like Pinkpop and the Dutch TV show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’. They signed with Elektrohasch Records in May and their first album was pressed on CD and LP. They also signed with international booking agency Sound Of Liberation, which resulted in many great gigs through Europe.

In 2011 they toured through Europe for 18 days with Colour Haze and Rotor. They also played with bands like Fu Manchu, Karma To Burn and Goatsnake. And they got to play on the Roadburn Festival, Stoned From The Underground and at Duna Jam.

On July 8 2011 they released their second album called Mirador. In April 2012, Sungrazer played DesertFest London at the Camden Underworld. They released a split album with The Machine in February 2013 on Elektrohasch. Sungrazer disbanded in June 2013.[1] Only days before their gig at Duna Jam and a 2 month before their last confirmed gig at the Lake on Fire Festival.

Rutger Smeets started the band Cigale, later Hans Mulders also joined that band. Rutger died in 2015. Sander Haagmans plays in his own band, called The Whims Of The Great Magnet.

Sungrazer – “Mirador” Album cover photo (front)




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