Hard Rock, Heavy Progressive Rock Sweden 1970s (Tracks) Life – “Sailing In The Sunshine” (Swedish title “En Bit Av Evigheten”)

Life – “Sailing In The Sushine” (Swedish title “En Bit Av Evigheten”) Video on YouTube

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Hard Rock/Heavy Progressive Rock Sweden (Tracks)

Band :

Life (Stockholm, Sweden)



Track :

“Sailing In The Sunshine” (Swedish title “En Bit Av Evigheten”), (written by Life)

A6 track included on the album “Life”

Album :

“Life” released on Columbia Records (4E 062-34263) in 1970

Life – “Life Full Album Video on YouTube

Line-up/Credits :

Line-up :

 Anders Nordh – guitar, piano, organ, bass, vocals, synthesizer
Paul Sundlin –  bass, 12-string acoustic guitar, piano, vocals
Thomas Rydberg – drums, percussion

Guest musicians:

Björn Jason Lindh – strings arrangements
Swedish Radio Orchestra

Credits :

Copyright (c) – Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. Svenska AB

Record Company – The Gramophone Co. Ltd.

Pressed By – Heger Plastics AB


Arranged By [Strings] – Björn J:Son Lindh (tracks: B6, B7)

Engineer – Björn Norén, Gunnar Lööf, Lars Rosin

Illustration – Dan Ahlquist

Performer – Anders Nordh, Paul Sundlin, Thomas Rydberg

Producer – Anders Henriksson

Strings – Swedish Radio Orchestra


Released in a gatefold cover.
Black ‘striped’ labels, silver lettering.
EMI boxed logo at the bottom of the label.
Theare are two sung variations, one Swedish and one  English
Track-List :
English Sung Variation :

1. Quo vadis (I) (1:01)
2. Nobody was there to love me (3:59)
3. Many years ago (6:13)
4. Experience of love (0:58)
5. She walks across the room (4:01)
6. Sailing in the sunshine (5:17)
7. Quo vadis (II) (1:32)
8. Living is loving (4:45)
9. Every man (1:52)
10. Experience of life (0:22)
11. One of us (5:16)
12. Yes, I am (3:27)
13. Once upon a time (4:55)
14. Quo vadis (III) (3:15)

Bonus tracks on Mellotronen CD 007 (1997) :

15. Jag färdas man (Man’s journey) (3:07)
16. To the country (3:48)
17. Tro på vår värid (Believe in our world) (3:23)

LIFE LIFE 1970 (2)

Swedish Sung Variation :

1. Quo Vadis (I)

2. Jag Stod Ensam På Min Väg

3. De’ Va’ Längesen

4. Kärlekens Språk

5. Hon Vandrar Över Rummet / På Jordens Klot

6. En Bit Av Evigheten

7. Quo Vadis (II)

8. Att Leva Är Att Älska

9. Varje Man

10. Runda’ Vidare

11. En Av Oss

12. Jag

13. En Gång I Tiden

14. Quo Vadis (III)

Information about the album/band/track :


Swedish band LIFE was founded in 1970 by Tomas Rydberg, Anders Nordh and Paul Sundlin, the latter two also know for their work in 60’s band Trolls. Inspired by bands such as Tear Gas and Leafhound they explored a form of progressive hard rock, and produced one full length album in 1970 followed by two 7 inch singles in 1970 and 1971 respectively. Their album was actually issued in bilingual versions – one Swedish version for the home market and an English one for the buying audience in the rest of the world.

Life fell apart in 1972 though, for one reason or another. 34 years later Life reunited, initially to prepare for a jubilation concert. The new line-up consists of Sundlin and Nordh from the first run of the band, with Dan Ahlquist (guitars, vocals) and Fredrik Broquist (drums, vocals) as the new members. Life reported plans for releasing new music on their homepage in 2007, but as of 2010 these plans have yet to be fulfilled.

Photos about the album/band/track :

Life – “Life” Album cover photo (front)

LIFE LIFE 19702 (2)

Life – “Life” Album cover photo (front and back)

Life – “Life” Album photo (A’ Side)

Life – “Life” Album photo (A’ Side)

Life – “Life” Album photo (B’ Side)

Life – “Life” Album Artwork photo 

LIFE LIFE 1970 4 (2).jpg

Life Band’s Photo

LIFE LIFE 1970 4 (3)

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Jam Band/Jazz Rock/Progressive Rock Sweden 1970s (Tracks) – Fläsket Brinner – “Bosses Låt”

Jam Band/Jazz Rock/Progressive Rock Sweden 1970s (Tracks)

Fläsket Brinner (Stockholm, Sweden)

Instrumental Music

“Bosses Låt” (written by Bo Hansson) B3 track included on the album ” Fläsket Brinner” 

Released on Silence Records ( SRS 4606) in 1971 

The track is also included on the double vinyl compilation album “Festen På Gärdet”

Released on Silence Records ( SRS 4603) in 1971

Line-up/Credits :

Bass – Per Bruun

Composed By – Bo Hansson (tracks: B3), Fläsket Brinner (tracks: A1, B1, B2, B4 to B6)

Drums – Erik Dahlbäck

Engineer – Anders Lind

Guitar – Bengt Dahlén

Organ, Flute – Sten Bergman

Photography By, Design [Collage] – Hans Esselius

Producer – Anders, Fläsket Brinner

Saxophone – Gunnar Bergsten

Studio Album, released in 1971

Songs / Tracks Listing :

1. Gånglåten (6:51)
2. Tysta Finskan (14:02)
3. Gunnars Dilemma (2:10)
4. Bengans Vals (0:59)
5. Bosses Låt (5:46)
6. Räva (1:34)
7. Uppsala Gård (2:39)
8. Musik Från Liljevalchs (6:40)

Line-up / Musicians :

Bengt Dahlèn / Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Gunnar Bergsten / Saxophone
Sten Bergman / Organ, Flute
Per Bruun / Bass
Erik Dahlbäck / Drums

Guest musicians:

Ove Gustavsson / Bass (4,7)
Bosse Hansson / Organ (4), Cowbell (1,2)

1970, Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Members :
Bengt Dahlén (guitar), Per Bruun (bass), Sten Bergman (organ, flute), Erik Dahlbäck (drums), Gunnar Bergsten (saxophone), Bo Hansson (organ), Mikael Ramel (guitar, vocals), Bobo Stenson(Fender Rhodes), Bill Öhrström (congas), Bosse Skoglund (drums), Jan Ternald (piano), Sebastian Öberg (mandola), Thomas Jutterström (keyboards), Göran Lagerberg (bass, 2005-present), Anders Ekholm (saxophone, 2005-present), Stefan Blomquist (keyboards, 2007-present)
Related Artists :
Atlantic Ocean, Egba, Jaguar, The Merrymen, Steampacket, Älgarnas Trädgård, Änglaspel

Fläsket Brinner was a Swedish band during the 70’s who released two albums and had ties to Bo Hannson.

The first s/t album was released in 1971 and is an instrumental album which was recorded live. It is composed of jams of jazz-rock, heavy rock, psychedelic and some folk tunes in a somewhat free-form in the two first longer tracks and there are also the shorter tracks (which composed side B of the LP and one of which was with Bo Hansson). They play an excerpt of Bo Hansson’s Lord of the Rings on Tysta Finskan. The band features Sten Bergman (keyboards) and Gunnar Bergsten (saxes) who played with Bo Hansson. Hansson himself appears on the track Bosses Låt which he wrote. All in all, a very dynamic record that gets the listener hooked.

The second album Fläsket is different from its predecessor. This is a double album which has been reissued on CD in 2003. LP 1 is the studio release and LP 2 is a live recording. It is a mixture of sounds. Mainly instrumental, LP 1 starts out as full blown fusion with great keyboards work. It then goes on to explore more styles. On the live LP, the spirit of the first album is regained in the jams and the style, but it is not as even and good as the first album. In 2003, when the second album was reissued, the band was reunited.

This band is recommended for their energetic performance and enthusiastic live shows in both albums.

The following is taken from the band’s website in http://www.flasketbrinner.com/:
In the summer of 2005 the original members Bengt Dahlén (guitar) and Erik Dahlbäck (drums) were joined by Thomas Jutterström (Hammond and Fender Rhodes), Göran Lagerberg (bass) and Anders Ekholm (tenor saxophone). The addition of these experienced musicians brought Fläsket to a whole new level and this constellation are more than ready to meet their fans – both the old and the new ones.

If one should try and describe the music they play it usually means emphasizing that it is very influenced by jazz, partly because it is instrumental but also because it is based on improvisation. Other bands that can be associated with Fläsket Brinner are Frank Zappa’s Mother’s of Invention and Deep Purple.
But most of all, the band sound like themselves. It is a legible, clear and personal sound that cannot be mistaken for anything else.

Fläsket Brinner is, with its mixture of rock, jazz and folk music one of the premier representatives of the musically interesting period of prog music – a sound that lasts till today. It is a newly found interest for the music that dominated the early seventies and some of the bands from that period have been reunited and are now playing together again.

Fläsket Brinner – “Fläsket Brinner” Album cover photo (front)


Fläsket Brinner – “Fläsket Brinner” Album photo (B’ Side)


Various Artists – “Festen På Gärdet” Album cover photo (front)


Various Artists – “Festen På Gärdet” Album photo ( Side Three)


Fläsket Brinner – “Bosses Låt” Video file link on YouTube

Fläsket Brinner – “Fläsket Brinner” Full Album Video file link on YouTube

Fläsket Brinner – “Bosses Låt”Video file link on DailyMotion

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7/12-inch Singles/E.P.s Garage/Punk Rock Sweden 1980s The Nomads – “Where The Wolf Bane Blooms”

7/12-inch Singles/E.P.s Garage/Punk Rock Sweden 1980s 

The Nomads (Solna, Stockholm, Sweden)

Where The Wolf Bane Blooms” (written by The Nomads) A’ Side single released on Marilyn Records ( M-023) in 1987

Line-up/Credits :

Bass – Tony Carlsson

Drums – Ed Johnsson

Engineer – D. Lundquist

Lead Guitar [Lead and Fuzztone Guitars], Vocals – Hans Ostlund

Organ, Percussion – Frank Minarik

Producer – 4-Eyed Thomas

Vocals, Guitar – Nick Vahlberg

Written-By – The Nomads

Lyrics :

I know a place, it seems really strange
Some things will never change
Thunder and lightning lining my eyes
Even though the bats fill up the skies
But in the pale light of the moon
You’ll maybe see the wolf bane bloom

Ancient voices will appear
Call the hunted don’t tread here
You may be pure of heart and pure of soul
But you’ll become a wolf when the moon is full
And in the pale light of the moon
You’re gonna see the wolf bane bloom

The Nomads – “Where The Wolf Bane Blooms” Single cover photo (front)


The Nomads  – “Where The Wolf Bane Blooms” Single photo (A’ Side)


The Nomads  – “Where The Wolf Bane Blooms” Single photo (insert front)


The Nomads  – “Where The Wolf Bane Blooms” Single photo (insert back)


The Nomads – “Where The Wolf Bane Blooms Video file link on YouTube

The Nomads – “Where The Wolf Bane Blooms” TV Appearance, French TV, Decibels FR3, 1985 Video file link on YouTube

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7/12-inch Singles/E.P.s Alternative/Psychedelic Rock/Shoegaze Sweden 2010s Dead Vibrations – “Reflections”

7/12-inch Singles/E.P.s  Alternative/Psychedelic Rock/Shoegaze Sweden 2010s

Dead Vibrations (Stockholm, Sweden)


12-inch E.P. (A’ Side)

Released on Echo Drug Recordings ( EDR004) on 31st July 2016

Line-up/Credits :

Josefin Ahlqvist Lyzwinski – Drums

Olov Sjogren – Guitar 

Christian Jansson – Vocals 

Elmer Hallsby – Bass

Dead Vibrations burst onto the booming Stockholm music scene in 2015 and have been flying the flag high for Scandinavian shoegaze ever since. Their dark and gloomy noise pop channelling a mix of visceral Mary Chain-esque guitars, droning psychedelia a la Spacemen 3 and even Seattle grunge at times – resulting in a reverb-drenched sound that manages to sound both unapologetically indebted to its influences yet completely modern.

Having spent the last couple of years touring Europe, bringing their blistering live show to venues and psych fests across the mainland, and releasing just two releases – their debut 12” EP ‘Reflections’ and the 7” single ‘Swirl/Sleeping In Silver Garden’ – Dead Vibrations have signed to Fuzz Club for the release of their self-titled debut album, released on 26th January 2018. With crushing fuzzed-out guitars, swirls of feedback, thundering drums and angst-ridden vocals, the record is a masterclass in dark and brooding shoegaze. For such a new band, Dead Vibrations have wasted no time making their mark and their debut album is sure to send them to even further heights.

Dead Vibrations – “Reflections” E.P. cover photo (front)

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Fusion/Jazz Rock/Progressive Rock Sweden 1970s (Tracks) Lotus – “Marschvals”

Fusion/Jazz Rock/Progressive Rock Sweden 1970s (Tracks)

Lotus (Malmö, Skåne County, Sweden)

Instrumental Music

“Marschvals” (written by Lotus) A4 track included on the album “Lotus”

Released on SMA Records (SMA 3001) in 1974

Line-up/Credits :

Anders Lindvall / guitar, vocals
Robert Larsson / guitar
Claes Ericsson / keyboards
Stefan Berggrensson / bass
Henning Öfverbeck / drums

Lotus – “Lotus” Album cover photo (front)

lotus 1 (2)


lotus 3

Lotus – “Marschvals” Video file link on YouTube

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Folk/Progressive Rock Sweden 1970s (Tracks) Midsommar – “Illusionen Av En Färdigskolad Akademiker”

Folk/Progressive Rock Sweden 1970s (Tracks) 

Midsommar ( Göteborg, Sweden)

“Illusionen Av En Färdigskolad Akademiker” (written by Hans Olson) A1 (opening track) included on the album “Midsommar”

Released on Moondisc Records (ARD 1633)  in 1972

Line-up/Credits :

Weyne Feldt – vocals, percussion
Lennart Andrén – guitar, vocals
Dan Pihl – organ, piano
Reg Ward – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, percussion
Hans Olsson – bass, vocals
Peder Sundahl – drums, vocals

Midsummer is one of the most cherished holidays in Sweden and many people celebrate the midsummer night out in the country. They eat traditional food and drink ”brännvin”, a special kind of alcoholic beverage, often enhanced with spices and flowers. Celebration often starts in the afternoon and continues until early the next morning.
Midsummer is ”midsommar” in Swedish, and the name seems highly appropriate for the band who chose it as their name. Their lyrics often deal from with topics closely connected with ”the old Sweden”, sometimes in relation to the so called progress of modern times. Nature, traditions and life in the old days are common subjects. The lyrics are political in a broader sense in pointing out the flaws of modern society, but they’re kept in a general mode so just anybody suspicious of greed, commercialism and environmental issues can agree with them.
Midsommar is best known for their hard rocking debut ”Belsebub är lös”, one of the earliest examples of rock music with Swedish lyrics. Their second one, the eponymously titled ”Midsommar” veers towards a softer sound, sometimes akin to folk rockers Contact. ”Midsommar” still has some heaviness to it, but the song types are mellower in general. This isn’t bad at all, because Midsommar were good songwriters, at least in terms of music. Lyricswise, they are somewhat naive even if the subject matters are important (which hardly will bother any foreign listener). Having said that, ”Midsommar” is more uneven than ”Belsebub är lös”, and a few of the songs here are actually downright bad. That goes for ”Killen och bostadsbristen” which comes across like a heavier version of some Swedish dance band of the 70’s, and ”Reklamdjungeln” (although I’m genuinely sympathetic to the anti-commercialism message of the lyrics).
The opening track ”Illusionen av en färdigutbildad akademiker” is probably the best known track on the album since it was included on the 4 CD box set ”Pregnant Rainbows for Colourblind Dreamers” which was released in conjunction with Tobias Pettersons excellent ”Encyclopedia of Swedish Progressive Music 1967-1979”. The choice of this Santana inspired uptempo track might give the wrong notion of ”Midsommar”. Songs like the decidedly Contact sounding ”Sedan urminnes tider”, the semi folksy ”Balladen om Belfast”, the heavy organ led ballad ”Naturen kämpar” and the rural ”James Lindberg Hughes” is far more typical to the album in general. To my ears, songs like these outshine most of the material on ”Belsebub är lös”, but given the unevenness of the album as a whole, ”Belsebub” probably gets the thumbs up over this one in the end. Also, it’s worth pointing out that the vocals on ”Midsommar” sometimes have a bit of a crooning nature that isn’t as obvious on the debut album. I have no problem with that myself, but some listeners might have so it’s worth mentioning.
Over the years there has been a debate over the actual release dates of both Midsommar albums, and many people were uncertain if this one or ”Belsebub” was the first album. No year of release is printed on any of the albums. The arguments seem settled now though, and ”Belsebub är lös” is considered to have been released in 1970 and the follow-up in 1971. As far as I know, none of the Midsommar albums have been reissued, but “Midsommar” is easier to find than “Belsebub”.
There is also an album by a band called Jukebox who released on album on Marilla in 1975 with three of the Midsommar members present. Organist Dan Pihl later produced Swedish comic character Ronny Jönsson (by actor Claes Malmberg) as well as single by disco queen Tina Charles! Saxophone player Reg Ward later joined for instance Dimmornas Bro, Mörbyligan and Magnus Uggla for session work. He also teamed up with Ulf Lundell on his Nature backed live album ”Natten hade varit mild och öm” recorded in 1976.

Midsommar – “Midsommar” Album cover photo (front)

midsommar album (2)

Midsommar – “Midsommar” Album photo

midsommar album 1


Midsommar -“Illusionen Av En Färdigskolad Akademiker ” Video file link on YouTube

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