7-inch Singles/E.P.s Progressive/Psychedelic Rock U.K. 1960s (Tracks) Mighty Baby – “Egyptian Tomb”

7-inch Singles/E.P.s Progressive/Psychedelic Rock U.K. 1960s (Tracks)

Mighty Baby (London, U.K.)

“Egyptian Tomb” (written by Might Baby) A1 (opening track) included on the album “Mighty Baby” 

Released on Head Records (HDLS 6002) in 1969

Also it was released as an A’ Side single (B’ Side single “I Am From The Country”), on Philips Records

Tracks :

1. Egyptian Tomb – 5:28
2. A Friend You Know but Never See – 4:24
3. I’ve Been Down So Long – 5:05
4. Same Way From the Sun – 5:37
5. House Without Windows – 6:10
6. Trials of a City – 5:58
7. I’m From the Country – 4:49
8. At a Point Between Fate and Destiny – 4:44
9. Only Dreaming – 3:16
10. Dustbin Full of Rubbish – 2:47
11. Understanding Love – 3:50
12. Favourite Days – 3:54
13. A Saying for Today – 3:27

Compositions from 1-8 by Mighty Βaby
Songs 9-13 written by Ian Whiteman and perfomed by The Action

Migty Βaby :

Alan King – Guitar, Vocals
Michael Evans  – Bass
Roger Powell  – Drums
Martin Stone  – Guitars
Ian Whiteman  – Flute, Organ, Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Vocals

Lyrics :

I was born in a world that can easily bring you down
I was torn from the tomb of the foolish Egyptian crown

Good morning, day,
by evening, my way,
I said my way

I was raised in a town where the people don’t understand
What it is to have lived in a different place and time.


[psych scat]

An Egyptian tomb..
An Egyptian tomb..
An Egyptian tomb..

La, la, la, la, la

I was born in a world that can easily bring you down
I was torn from the tomb of the foolish Egyptian crown


An Egyptian tomb.. x 8

Information about the band

UK act MIGHTY BABY was formed in 1968, featuring several members of the newly disbanded outfit The Action. They hit the studio right away, and had an album ready by the end of ’68, which eventually was released at the tail end of 1969 on the Head Records label.

During 1970 many of the members in the band converted to Islam, and when their second album A Jug of Love appeared in 1971, the alteration in religious and philosophical view by the band’s members had also affected their stylistic expression, resulting in a vastly different sophomore effort.

This second production also proved to be the final albums to come from this band. In later years archival cocncert recordings have surfaced from time to time, capturing a band keen on improvisation while performing live.

Mighty Baby stands as one of the most cohesive and coveted of 1960s UK psych. It is the complete package, blistering guitar work from Martin Stone, studio trickery, amazing songwriting, great vocals, this record is the real deal and fully deserving of its reputation. The band would go on to record with legends like Keith Christmas, Sandy Denny, and more, as well as record a second album in 1971, but nothing can surpass the pure psych perfection of their debut.

In 1968, the Summer of Love was exerting it’s influence on pop and fashion trends and, in the UK, many of the previous year’s Mod movement were heeding the call to ‘get your head together, man’ and go ‘progressive’. The Action had been one of the most respected of London’s mod bands but in late ’68, founder members guitarist Alan King, bassist Mike Evans and drummer Roger Powell were joined by pianist lan Whiteman and ex-Savoy Brown guitarist Martin Stone in a brand new band Mighty Baby. The group’s 1969 debut album Mighty Baby was strong on melody and instrumental technique and Egyptian Tomb is a perfect summation of what the band’s recorded music was all about. “Live”, they extended their performances, as did most groups of the era. Stone’s guitar soloing being lauded for its imaginative approach. They cut a second album A Jug Of Love before disbanding. Stone later formed Chilli Willi And The Red Hot Peppers while King became a member of pub-rock band Ace. This CD reissue combines their first album with 5 tracks made when King, Evans and Powell were still The Action and the sleeve notes by Record Collector magazines John Reed chart the history of one of the best of the late 60s/early 70s “head” bands.

 The band was formed as The Boys in August 1963, in Kentish Town, North West London. After Peter Watson  joined them as an additional guitarist in 1965, they changed their name to The Action. The original members were Reg King (lead vocals), Alan ‘Bam’ King (lead guitar, vocals), Mike “Ace” Evans (bass guitar, vocals and Roger Powell (drums).

Shortly after their formation, they signed to Parlophone with producer George Martin. “Land of a Thousand Dances” b/w “In My Lonely Room” was well received by critics, but sold poorly. None of the Action’s singles achieved success in the UK Singles Chart.

After disastrous experiences with the Rikki Farr management, Peter Watson left the band in 1966. They continued as quartet, but were dropped from Parlophone in 1967. In the late 1960s keyboardist Ian Whiteman and guitarist Martin Stone joined the band and the Actionmoved toward a mid-tempo psychedelic balladstyle, and then into folk rock. Reg King left the band in 1967, and Alan King took over as main lead vocalist. In 1969, when signing to John Curd’s Head Records, the band was renamed Mighty Baby.  Alan King later went on to form Ace.

Notably, they are one of the favourite bands of Phil Collins, who performed with the reunited band in 2000. “For me it was like playing with the Beatles“, he later commented on the experience.

Albums :

Mighty Baby (1969)
A Jug of Love (1971)

Singles & EPs :

Egyptian Tomb / I’m From the Country (1969)
Devil’s Whisper / Virgin Spring (Jun, 1971)

Alan “Bam” King – GuitarVocals (in band: 1968 – 1971)
Ian Whiteman – FluteOrganPercussionPianoSaxophoneVocals (in band: 1968 – 1971)
Martin Stone – GuitarSlide guitar (in band: 1968 – 1971)
Mike Evans – Bass Guitar (in band: 1968 – 1971)
Roger Powell – Drums (in band: 1968 – 1971)
Mighty Baby – “Mighty Baby” Album cover photo (front)
MIGHTY BABY 1969 2 (2)
Mighty Baby – “Mighty Baby” Album photo (A’ Side)
Mighty Baby – “Egyptian Tomb” Single Album cover photo (front), French Edition, Philips Records -, 1970
Mighty Baby – “Egyptian Tomb” Single cover photo (front) Dutch Edition, Philips Records (6073 900), 1970