Hard Rock, Heavy Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Germany 1970s (Tracks) McOil – “Sailing Around”

McOil – “Sailing Around” Track’s Video on YouTube

Category/Music Genres :

Hard Rock, Heavy Progressive Rock, Krautrock, Germany 1970s (Tracks)

Band :

McOil (Ochsenhausen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

German hard-edged rock band from Ochsenhausen (formed in 1976), with a typically German sound, akin to Jane, Harlis, Eloy, etc.
Taken from the book “The Crack In The Cosmic Egg”, Steven Freeman, Alan Freeman, ISBN: 0-95295-06-0-X, Leicester 1997.

Members :

Norbert Kuhpfahl (bass), Karl Wild (guitar, vocals), Andy Tischmann (drums, percussion), Doris Tischmann (keyboards, vocals), Walter Utz (keyboards, vocals), Rudolph Scheich (drums, percussion), Dieter Eisenmann (guitar)

Track :

“Sailing Around” (written by Walter Ulz) B2 track included on the album “All Our Hopes”

Album :

“All Our Hopes” released as a private press release (0010 sk) in 1979. Reissued by Garden Of Delight Records (CD 004) in 2000

Recorded at EGE-Sound-Studio in August/September 1979
Mixed in October  1979

McOil – “All Our Hopes” Full Album Video on YouTube

Line-up/Credits :

Bass – Norbert Kuhpfahl

Drums – Andy Tischmann

Guitar, Backing Vocals – Karl Wild

Keyboards, Vocals – Walter Utz

Producer, Mixed By – Dieter Ege

Track-list :

01. Be Careful – 4:11
02. All Our Hopes – 9:26
03. This Time Should Never End – 8:09
04. Mask Of Life – 4:58
05. Sailing Around – 5:56
06. Once In The Summernight – 3:58
07. What’s This Live – 5:56


08. A Better Day – 4:15

Information related to the album/band/track :

“Garden Of Delights”

Prime time for progressive rock had already passed by when in 1979 McOil released their album ‘All our hopes’ in an edition of 1000 copies the style of which must be classified as a heavier type of progressive rock. As well as the bonus track taken from the band’s one and only single the original master tapes could be used for mastering the CD as they were in perfect condition due to excellent storage in the Ege sound studio. Almost unknown until now are early recordings of ‘Be careful’ and ‘Sailing around’ from the compilation ‘Rocksession ’79’ (AVC K 793203ST, February 1979), at that time with female vocals.

Walter Utz (key, voc), Norbert Kupfahl (b), Karl Wild (g, voc), Andy Tischmann (dr)

The Garden of Delights label recovers and restores half-forgotten recordings from the field of progressive rock music in all its different shades, ranging from psychedelic to fusion to blues-rock, provided that there are progressive elements in it. In its original sense, progressive means that these recordings were ahead of their time and did not go with the tide. This almost unavoidably meant that only a small circle of people knew about them. Most of them were released in the seventies in very small editions, on LP’s which can hardly be afforded any more today. These lost collectors’ items are now being made available on CD on Garden of Delights. Besides the costly remastering, special importance has been attached to making lavish, thick CD booklets providing everything worth knowing about the artists (as well as many rare photos), all of which come from the German-speaking countries.

“Cosmic Minds At Play”

“The group merged symphonic rock and hard rock into a style comparable to Jane and the polished “Sky” rock. Mc Oil were the quartet of Wlter Utz (keyboards, vocals), Norbert Kuhpfahl (bass), Karl Wild (guitar, background vocals), and Andy Tischmann (drums).In 1978 they released their single “Mask Of Lif” coupled with “A Better Day” (AVC Production). The following album “All Our Hopes” was recorded at the Ege Sound Studio from August to September 1979 and originally released in a limited edition of 1,000 copies.

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McOil – “All Our Hopes” Album photo (A’ Side)

McOil – “All Our Hopes” Album cover photo (front)

McOil – “All Our Hopes” Album cover photo (back)

McOil – “All Our Hopes” C.D. cover photo (front)

McOil – “All Our Hopes” C.D. cover photo (back)

McOil – “All Our Hopes” C.D. photo 

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