Hard Rock, Heavy Progressive Rock Sweden 1970s (Tracks) Life – “Sailing In The Sunshine” (Swedish title “En Bit Av Evigheten”)

Life – “Sailing In The Sushine” (Swedish title “En Bit Av Evigheten”) Video on YouTube

Category/Music Genres :

Hard Rock/Heavy Progressive Rock Sweden (Tracks)

Band :

Life (Stockholm, Sweden)



Track :

“Sailing In The Sunshine” (Swedish title “En Bit Av Evigheten”), (written by Life)

A6 track included on the album “Life”

Album :

“Life” released on Columbia Records (4E 062-34263) in 1970

Life – “Life Full Album Video on YouTube

Line-up/Credits :

Line-up :

 Anders Nordh – guitar, piano, organ, bass, vocals, synthesizer
Paul Sundlin –  bass, 12-string acoustic guitar, piano, vocals
Thomas Rydberg – drums, percussion

Guest musicians:

Björn Jason Lindh – strings arrangements
Swedish Radio Orchestra

Credits :

Copyright (c) – Electric & Musical Industries Ltd. Svenska AB

Record Company – The Gramophone Co. Ltd.

Pressed By – Heger Plastics AB


Arranged By [Strings] – Björn J:Son Lindh (tracks: B6, B7)

Engineer – Björn Norén, Gunnar Lööf, Lars Rosin

Illustration – Dan Ahlquist

Performer – Anders Nordh, Paul Sundlin, Thomas Rydberg

Producer – Anders Henriksson

Strings – Swedish Radio Orchestra


Released in a gatefold cover.
Black ‘striped’ labels, silver lettering.
EMI boxed logo at the bottom of the label.
Theare are two sung variations, one Swedish and one  English
Track-List :
English Sung Variation :

1. Quo vadis (I) (1:01)
2. Nobody was there to love me (3:59)
3. Many years ago (6:13)
4. Experience of love (0:58)
5. She walks across the room (4:01)
6. Sailing in the sunshine (5:17)
7. Quo vadis (II) (1:32)
8. Living is loving (4:45)
9. Every man (1:52)
10. Experience of life (0:22)
11. One of us (5:16)
12. Yes, I am (3:27)
13. Once upon a time (4:55)
14. Quo vadis (III) (3:15)

Bonus tracks on Mellotronen CD 007 (1997) :

15. Jag färdas man (Man’s journey) (3:07)
16. To the country (3:48)
17. Tro på vår värid (Believe in our world) (3:23)

LIFE LIFE 1970 (2)

Swedish Sung Variation :

1. Quo Vadis (I)

2. Jag Stod Ensam På Min Väg

3. De’ Va’ Längesen

4. Kärlekens Språk

5. Hon Vandrar Över Rummet / På Jordens Klot

6. En Bit Av Evigheten

7. Quo Vadis (II)

8. Att Leva Är Att Älska

9. Varje Man

10. Runda’ Vidare

11. En Av Oss

12. Jag

13. En Gång I Tiden

14. Quo Vadis (III)

Information about the album/band/track :


Swedish band LIFE was founded in 1970 by Tomas Rydberg, Anders Nordh and Paul Sundlin, the latter two also know for their work in 60’s band Trolls. Inspired by bands such as Tear Gas and Leafhound they explored a form of progressive hard rock, and produced one full length album in 1970 followed by two 7 inch singles in 1970 and 1971 respectively. Their album was actually issued in bilingual versions – one Swedish version for the home market and an English one for the buying audience in the rest of the world.

Life fell apart in 1972 though, for one reason or another. 34 years later Life reunited, initially to prepare for a jubilation concert. The new line-up consists of Sundlin and Nordh from the first run of the band, with Dan Ahlquist (guitars, vocals) and Fredrik Broquist (drums, vocals) as the new members. Life reported plans for releasing new music on their homepage in 2007, but as of 2010 these plans have yet to be fulfilled.

Photos about the album/band/track :

Life – “Life” Album cover photo (front)

LIFE LIFE 19702 (2)

Life – “Life” Album cover photo (front and back)

Life – “Life” Album photo (A’ Side)

Life – “Life” Album photo (A’ Side)

Life – “Life” Album photo (B’ Side)

Life – “Life” Album Artwork photo 

LIFE LIFE 1970 4 (2).jpg

Life Band’s Photo

LIFE LIFE 1970 4 (3)

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