Psychedelic Rock U.S.A. 1960s (Tracks) Jungle – ” Slave Ship”

Psychedelic Rock U.S.A. 1960s (Tracks)

Jungle (Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.)

“Slave Ship” B3 (closing track) included on the album (demo) “House Of Rooms” recorded in New York at Allegro Sound studio, in 1969, while the band was living in a farm in Vermont, released on Jungle Music Corporation (CO-3027). This only LP by them was originally just a demo album. It was limited to 50 copies and nowadays those original copies are incredibly valuable. So the record wasn’t officially released until the 90’s reissue was made. It’s really a shame because this S/T Jungle album has some nice West Coast psychedelia to offer for the genre fans. This album should have been officially released back in 1969.

Reissued on Eight Little Indians Records (CO 3027)  in 1997 as “Jungle”, Very limited edition on multi coloured vinyl. Thick cardboard sleeve embossed in blue velvet and engraved with silver artwork.

Latest reissue on Red Lounge Records ( RLR 096) in 2011

Reissued by Martin “Dixigas” Christoph

Line-up/Credits :

Virgil “Butch” Daniels – Guitars

Jay Mierly – Vocals

John Dawson – Bass

James Ryan Clark – Lead Guitar

Delbert Lang – Drums

Tracks Listing :

1. House Of Rooms – 7:09
2. Somewhere Sweet Memories – 4:35
3. Gray Picnic – 8:05
4. Changes I’m Going Through – 3:40
5. Early Morning Rising – 9:13
6. Slave Ship – 8:11

Jungle – “House Of Rooms” Demo album cover photo (front)


Jungle – “Jungle” Reissue Edition (Eight Little Indians) Album cover  photo (front)

JUNGLE 1969 2.jpg

Jungle – “Jungle” Reissue Edition on Red Lounge Records Album cover photo (front)

JUNGLE 1969 3

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