Jam Band/Jazz Rock/Progressive Rock Sweden 1970s (Tracks) – Fläsket Brinner – “Bosses Låt”

Jam Band/Jazz Rock/Progressive Rock Sweden 1970s (Tracks)

Fläsket Brinner (Stockholm, Sweden)

Instrumental Music

“Bosses Låt” (written by Bo Hansson) B3 track included on the album ” Fläsket Brinner” 

Released on Silence Records ( SRS 4606) in 1971 

The track is also included on the double vinyl compilation album “Festen På Gärdet”

Released on Silence Records ( SRS 4603) in 1971

Line-up/Credits :

Bass – Per Bruun

Composed By – Bo Hansson (tracks: B3), Fläsket Brinner (tracks: A1, B1, B2, B4 to B6)

Drums – Erik Dahlbäck

Engineer – Anders Lind

Guitar – Bengt Dahlén

Organ, Flute – Sten Bergman

Photography By, Design [Collage] – Hans Esselius

Producer – Anders, Fläsket Brinner

Saxophone – Gunnar Bergsten

Studio Album, released in 1971

Songs / Tracks Listing :

1. Gånglåten (6:51)
2. Tysta Finskan (14:02)
3. Gunnars Dilemma (2:10)
4. Bengans Vals (0:59)
5. Bosses Låt (5:46)
6. Räva (1:34)
7. Uppsala Gård (2:39)
8. Musik Från Liljevalchs (6:40)

Line-up / Musicians :

Bengt Dahlèn / Guitar, Violin, Vocals
Gunnar Bergsten / Saxophone
Sten Bergman / Organ, Flute
Per Bruun / Bass
Erik Dahlbäck / Drums

Guest musicians:

Ove Gustavsson / Bass (4,7)
Bosse Hansson / Organ (4), Cowbell (1,2)

1970, Stockholm, Stockholms län, Sweden
Members :
Bengt Dahlén (guitar), Per Bruun (bass), Sten Bergman (organ, flute), Erik Dahlbäck (drums), Gunnar Bergsten (saxophone), Bo Hansson (organ), Mikael Ramel (guitar, vocals), Bobo Stenson(Fender Rhodes), Bill Öhrström (congas), Bosse Skoglund (drums), Jan Ternald (piano), Sebastian Öberg (mandola), Thomas Jutterström (keyboards), Göran Lagerberg (bass, 2005-present), Anders Ekholm (saxophone, 2005-present), Stefan Blomquist (keyboards, 2007-present)
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Fläsket Brinner was a Swedish band during the 70’s who released two albums and had ties to Bo Hannson.

The first s/t album was released in 1971 and is an instrumental album which was recorded live. It is composed of jams of jazz-rock, heavy rock, psychedelic and some folk tunes in a somewhat free-form in the two first longer tracks and there are also the shorter tracks (which composed side B of the LP and one of which was with Bo Hansson). They play an excerpt of Bo Hansson’s Lord of the Rings on Tysta Finskan. The band features Sten Bergman (keyboards) and Gunnar Bergsten (saxes) who played with Bo Hansson. Hansson himself appears on the track Bosses Låt which he wrote. All in all, a very dynamic record that gets the listener hooked.

The second album Fläsket is different from its predecessor. This is a double album which has been reissued on CD in 2003. LP 1 is the studio release and LP 2 is a live recording. It is a mixture of sounds. Mainly instrumental, LP 1 starts out as full blown fusion with great keyboards work. It then goes on to explore more styles. On the live LP, the spirit of the first album is regained in the jams and the style, but it is not as even and good as the first album. In 2003, when the second album was reissued, the band was reunited.

This band is recommended for their energetic performance and enthusiastic live shows in both albums.

The following is taken from the band’s website in http://www.flasketbrinner.com/:
In the summer of 2005 the original members Bengt Dahlén (guitar) and Erik Dahlbäck (drums) were joined by Thomas Jutterström (Hammond and Fender Rhodes), Göran Lagerberg (bass) and Anders Ekholm (tenor saxophone). The addition of these experienced musicians brought Fläsket to a whole new level and this constellation are more than ready to meet their fans – both the old and the new ones.

If one should try and describe the music they play it usually means emphasizing that it is very influenced by jazz, partly because it is instrumental but also because it is based on improvisation. Other bands that can be associated with Fläsket Brinner are Frank Zappa’s Mother’s of Invention and Deep Purple.
But most of all, the band sound like themselves. It is a legible, clear and personal sound that cannot be mistaken for anything else.

Fläsket Brinner is, with its mixture of rock, jazz and folk music one of the premier representatives of the musically interesting period of prog music – a sound that lasts till today. It is a newly found interest for the music that dominated the early seventies and some of the bands from that period have been reunited and are now playing together again.

Fläsket Brinner – “Fläsket Brinner” Album cover photo (front)


Fläsket Brinner – “Fläsket Brinner” Album photo (B’ Side)


Various Artists – “Festen På Gärdet” Album cover photo (front)


Various Artists – “Festen På Gärdet” Album photo ( Side Three)


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