Focus – “Focus (Instrumental)” (1970)

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Band : Focus (formed in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands in 1969)

Track : “Focus (Instrumental)” (opening track, written by Thijs van Leer)

Album : the track is included on the band’s debut album titled “Focus Plays Focus” (It was renamed “In and Out of Focus” for the international re-release of the album from 1971 onwards which included their debut single “House of the King”).

Label : Imperial (5C O54-24192)

Date/Year of Release : September 1970 (recorded in January 1970, at Sound Techniques Studio, Chelsea, London)

Category/Music Genre : Instrumental Music, Symphonic Progressive Rock


Thijs van Leer – vocals, flute, Hammond organ, piano, electric piano, mellotron, harpsichord, vibraphone

Jan Akkerman – guitars, acoustic guitars

Martin Dresden – bass guitar, trumpet, vocals

Hans Cleuver – drums, bongos, vocals


Hubert Terheggen – production

Jerry Boys – engineering

Fusion/Jazz Rock/Krautrock/Progressive Rock Multinational 1970s Sunbirds – “Spanish Sun”

Fusion/Jazz Rock/Krautrock/Progressive Rock Multinational 1970s

Sunbirds (Multinational, Austria, Germany, Holland, U.K., U.S.A.) Based in München, Bayern, Germany

Instrumental Music

“Spanish Sun” (written by -Ferdinand Povel, Philip Catherine, -Fritz Pauer, Jimmy Woode, Klaus Weiss) A3 track included on the album “Sunbirds”

Released on BASF Records ( 20 21110-2) in 1971

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Also known as :
Klaus Weiss Sextet

Line-up/Credits :


Klaus Weiss – drums, Producer
Philip Catherine – guitar
Ferdinand Povel – flute, alto flute
Fritz Pauer – electra-piano ( Hohner Electra), organ
Jimmy Woode – electric & acoustic bass
Juan Romero – percussion

Recorded At – Union Studios, Munich

Recorded By – Reinhold Mack

Recorded 24 August 71 at Union Studios München, Germany.

Fritz Pauer used Hohner Electra-piano.
Klaus Weiss plays Slingerland drums and Avedis Zildjian Cymbals exclusively.
Track List :
01 Kwaeli (3:43)
02 Sunrise (5:26)
03 Spanish Sun (12:10)
04 Sunshine (6:46)
05 Sunbirds (9:31)
06 Blues For D.S. (7:53)
Bonus Tracks :
07 Dreams (9:42)
08 Fire Dance (6:54)
Sunbirds were a band project formed in 1971 by German drummer Klaus Weiss. (17/02/1942-10/12/2008) Weiss had already twelve years of career as a jazz drummer behind him in 1971 and was appreciated by US jazz men touring in Europe. He had played among others with Bud Powell, Johnny Griffin, Kenny Drew and Don Byas. From 1962 to 1965 he had worked with Klaus Doldinger and in 1966 Weiss won the International Jazz Competition in Vienna.
In 1971 he formed the multinational Klaus Weiss Quartet featuring American bassist Jimmy Woode, Dutch saxophonist Ferdinand Povel and Austrian pianist Fritz Pauer, The same musicians joined by Philip Catherine on guitar and Juan Romero on percussion recorded in august of 1971 the first self titled Sunbirds record. The record presented an interesting form of early jazz rock with an extensive use of electronic keyboards. One year later in august of 1972 the Sunbirds released their second record, Zagara, again the Klaus Weiss Quartet joined this time by Ron Carter on double bass, Leczek Zadlo on flute, Lucas Costa and Rafael Weber on guitar and Norman Tolbert on percussion. This record presented an orientation towards Latin Fusion.The first record is highly recommended.
On paper, The Sunbirds were a band more interesting for what the members did before and after the group’s brief lifetime that what they accomplished while they were together; only after their recordings received a belated release did it become obvious that this was group whose gifts far outstripped their public recognition. In 1986, after 28th Day had broken up following the departure of Barbara Manning, guitarist and singer Cole Marquis and drummer Mike Cloward decided to form a new band, and joined forces with Lawrence Crane, who’d been playing bass with Vomit Launch. Adopting the name The Sunbirds, the band started playing around their hometown of Chico, California and recorded a six-song demo tape. However, the band attracted little notice, and by the end of the year The Sunbirds were history. Marquis and Cloward went on to form The Downsiders, and Marquis later won a cult following with his solo work; Crane continued to perform with Vomit Launch, and later moved into the control room, working as a recording engineer and founding the acclaimed independent recording magazine TapeOp. The Sunbirds briefly reunited in 1997, recording another six-song demo; Paisley Pop Records combined the 1986 and 1997 sessions and released them as a 2003 album entitled No Sun No Shadow. In 2002, Crane reassembled the band to perform at a TapeOp magazine convention, and while all three members continue to make their own music, they have not ruled out working together again in the future.
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Hard Rock/Heavy Progressive Rock Holland 1970s (Tracks) Cargo – “Sail Inside”

Hard Rock/Heavy Progressive Rock Holland 1970s (Tracks)

Cargo (Amsterdam, Holland)

“Sail Inside” (written by Cargo) A1 track included on the album “Cargo” 

Released on Harvest Records (5C 052-24582) in 1972

Line-up/Credits :

Willem De Vries – Vocals, Bass
Jan De Hont – Guitar
Ad De Hont – Guitar
Dennis Whitebread – Drums
Hessel De Vries – Vocals, Electric Piano
Jerry Gobel – Drums
Ador Otting – Hammond Organ
Frans Smith – Drums
Snuffel – Drums

Cargo – “Cargo” Album cover photo (front)


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