Garage/Psychedelic Rock U.K. 1980s (Tracks) The Thanes – ”Keep You Out”

Garage/Psychedelic Rock Tracks U.K. 1980s

The Thanes (Scotland, United Kingdom)

”Keep You Out” ( Opening track, included on the album ”Thanes Of Cawdor”)

Recorded at Chamber Studio, Edinburgh

Released on 9th October 1987

DDT Records (DISP LP11)

Line-up/Credits :

Bass, Vocals – Alan McLean

Drums, Vocals – Calvin Burt

Engineer – Iain Anderson, Jamie Watson

Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica – Lenny Helsing

Organ, Guitar, Vocals – Bruce Lyall

Photography By – Graham MacIndoe

Producer – Jamie Watson

The Thanes – “Thanes Of Cawdor” Album cover photo (front)


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