7-inch Singles/E.P.s Freakbeat/Garage/Mod/Psychedelic Rock U.K. 1960s The Fairytale – “Guess I Was Dreaming”

7-inch Singles/E.P.s Garage/Psychedelic Rock U.K. 1960s 

The Fairytale (Warrington, Lancashire, U.K.) Freakbeat/Garage/Mod/Psychedelic Rock band

“Guess I Was Dreaming” (written by John Weston, Malcolm Rabbitt) A Side single ( B Side “Run And Hide”) released on Decca Records (F 12644) in 1967

Line-up :
John Weston (guitar)
Malcolm Rabbitt (organ)
Chaddy Penketh [Chiddy Penketh] (bass)
Billy Fogg (drums)
John Ryan (1967)

The founder members were: John Weston, Malcolm Rabbitt, Chiddy Penketh, Billy Fogg and John Ryan. John Ryan left the group in March 1967.
Malcolm Rabbitt and John Weston wrote all the band’s songs – a mixture of Rock, Soul and Blues.
The band split in January 1968.

Hailing from the north of England (Warrington, near Manchester), the Fairytale released this record and only one other. However, this side is one of those cuts where the stars line up for absolute magic.

Allegedly, Don Arden (UK music bigwig who managed the early career of the Small Faces and others), asked the group if they had any songs with psychedelic imagery, and this song (allegedly about a bad acid trip) was what they presented. Arden may have practiced questionable business tactics, but the man certainly knew a great song and with his help this was the debut release from the group. The Fairytale continued to tour relentlessly throughout the year and also released one more single, but the group was finished by 1968.

“Guess I Was Dreaming” is one of those tracks from the early psychedelic days that distills the strong r&b influence into music that was somehow able to be wispy, propelling, danceable and mind blowing all at the same time; and with few exceptions, it all happened within 1966-1967.

The Warrington-based psychedelic band The Fairytale managed two singles for Decca in 1967 before evaporating, this debut and the less remarkable “Lovely People”.  The A-side here “Guess I Was Dreaming” is a gentle, slightly fey track with a foreboding piano riff and throbbing bassline occasionally popping its head up into the mix to add some extra beef to the recording.  It’s ever so slightly West Coast in its sound – which as one compilation-compiling wag has already pointed out, is quite a feat for a band from Warrington – and is an interesting piece of work.
The B-side “Run and Hide”, on the other hand, is straight sixties pop, so lovably cliched it could almost be out of some “Austin Powers” styled parody.  A screechy organ riff, foot stomping beat and incessantly catchy chorus make it almost bubblegum, quite honestly, but that’s not necessarily a terrible thing.  They sound like they’re having a whale of a time, and that’s what counts.
The band’s line-up was John Weston on guitar, Mally Rabbit on organ, Billy Fagg on drums and Chaddy Penketh on bass guitar.  With names like that, one wonders if any pseudonyms were being used, or if it’s perfectly possible for several people with such insane birthnames to join the same band at the same time.  What a strange old era it was.
American group The Kingsmen also recorded a version of “Guess I Was Dreaming”.
The Fairytale – “Guess I Was Dreaming” Single photo (A’ Side)


The Fairytale – “Guess I Was Dreaming” Single photo (A’ Side)



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