Krautrock/Progressive/Space Rock Germany 1970s (Tracks) Eloy – “Castle In The Air”

Krautrock/Progressive/Space Rock Germany 1970s (Tracks)

Eloy ( Hannover, Germany)

“Castle In The Air” (written by Eloy) B1 track included on the album “Floating” 

Released on EMI Electrola (1C 062-29 521)  in 1974, Recorded January-May 1974, EMI Studios, Cologne, Germany

Line-up/Credits :

Frank Bornemann — guitar, vocals

Manfred Wieczorke — organ, guitar

Luitjen Janssen — bass

Fritz Randow — drums

Produced by Eloy

Engineered by Wolfgang Thierbach

Crew [Roadie] – Detlev Prescher, Hans-Jürgen Diller, Reinhard Wittke (Asterix)

Design [Cover] – Atelier Patelli

Engineer [2nd] – Helmut Rüßmann

Lyrics By – Eloy (tracks: A1 to B2), Gordon Bennit (tracks: B3)

Lyrics By [With Help From] – Erich Schriever (tracks: A2 to B2)

Management – Markus Figgen

Music By – Eloy

Painting – Jacques Wyrs

Lyrics :

I saw an old man sitting with his head in hands
His eyes reflected the wisdom of his life
His words painted a new world
And my thoughts just followed him
But when he stopped
Something inside tore me apart
And I can’t get it back my castle in the air

Track Listing :

Eloy – “Floating

All songs written by Eloy except where indicated.

Side One
  1. “Floating” – 4:02
  2. “The Light from Deep Darkness” – 14:40
Side Two
  1. “Castle in the Air” – 7:16
  2. “Plastic Girl” – 9:11
  3. “Madhouse” (lyrics by Gordon Bennit) – 5:16

2001 Remastered Edition Bonus Tracks

  1. “Future City” (live) – 4:59
  2. “Castle in the Air” (live) – 8:08
  3. “Flying High” (live) – 3:30

” Album cover photo (front)

eloy floating 2 (2)

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