7/12-inch Singles/E.P.s Alternative/Experimental/Indie/Psychedelic/Space Rock U.S.A. 2010s (Tracks) Lumerians – “Burning Mirrors”

7/12-inch Singles/E.P.s Alternative/Experimental/Indie/Psychedelic/Space Rock U.S.A. 2010s (Tracks)

Lumerians (Oakland, California, U.S.A.), Drone Music

“Burning Mirrors” (written by Lumerians ) A’ Side single (“Burning Mirrors/Chevaux Fous”)

A1 track (opening track) included on the album “Transmalinnia”

Single released on Rococo Records (RCC0044) in 2010

Album released on Knitting Factory Records (KFR1104LP) in 2011

Single edition  limited to 400 copies on white vinyl and to 100 on black vinyl.
‘Chevaux Foux’ is a cover of The Osmonds’ ‘Crazy Horses’.

Line-up/Credits :

Tyler Green / guitar, keys, vocals
Marc Melzer / bass, vocals
Jason Miller / keyboards, guitar, vocals
Christopher Musgrave / drums, vocals
Luis Vasquez / percussion, synth, vocals

Lumerians is a San Francisco Bay Area-based quartet which has a psychedelic “mindbender”  space rock  sound. The group is notable for performances characterized by “transcendent live video projections” and having “incredible visuals”, according to one music critic. One critic described the band as “Oakland’s prize pony in the Bay Area gloom-folk horse race”. The sound has been compared to Krautrock with overtones of 1960s music.

Lumerians are a prodigious force in the extra-terrestrial realms of modern psychedelia. Since forming in San Francisco back in 2006, Lumerians have drawn from a range of influences, both familiar and esoteric, conjuring up sounds from far into the future. On June 22nd the band will be returning with their third album, Call of the Void, on London-label Fuzz Club after four years under the radar.

It was 2006 when LUMERIANS was founded by Tyler Green (guitar, keys), Marc Melzer (bass), Jason Miller (guitar, keys) and Chris Musgrave (drums). Early rehearsals and recordings were made in San Francisco, but the group has since relocated to Oakland/California where they have their own recording studio in a converted church.

One year later the band finished a self-named 12” production, released on Subterranean Elephants. Multi-instrumentalist Luis Vasquez joined in 2008 to complete this five-member band on synth and percussion. In 2010 the band was discovered by talent scouts for Knitting Factory Records from listening to their music on MySpace. On the the full-length ‘Transmalinnia’ album (2011) they manage to refine their unique style again and then 2012 saw the new effort ‘Transmissions From Telos Vol. IV’, consisting of four new session recordings.

The band’s aim is to create trancelike ecstatic music. The sound is influenced by psych and space music from the 1960s and 1970s, groups such as Sonic Youth as well as Krautrock bands like Can and Neu!. LUMERIANS received positive critical attention not only for the psychedelic sound, but also due to transcendent live video projections during their performances, just trying to make the experience a real happening.

Combining brain-bending visuals with a murky, chilled-out sound, it’s clear that Bay Area outfit Lumerians are out to blow minds. Based out of Oakland, California, the garage psych band, whose members have included Tyler Green, Luis Vasquez, Christopher Musgrave, Marc Melzer, Jason Miller, and Tony Peluso, layers its rhythm-heavy sound with deep bass, synthesizers, and drifting guitars, creating music that’s highly exploratory while maintaining enough of a groove to get people’s feet moving. The band made its debut in 2008 with a self-titled, self-released EP. After hooking up with Knitting Factory Records, the band released its first full-length, Transmalinnia, in 2011, and 2012 saw two additional releases from the band, the Horizon StructuresEP and Transmissions from Telos, Vol. 4, a limited vinyl-only release. The band followed in 2013 with its next full-length, The High Frontier (Partisan Records), and Transmissions from Telos, Vol. 3 (Cardinal Fuzz) arrived in 2014.

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