Electronic/Experimental Music France 1970s Heldon – ” In The Wake OF King Fripp”

Electronic/Experimental Music France 1970s 

Heldon (France) Electronic/Experimental/Progressive/Psychedelic Band


” In The Wake OF King Fripp” (written by Richard Pinhas, George Grunblatt) A1 track included on the album “αλετεια” (“Allez Teia”)

Released on Disjuncta Records (000002) in 1975

Line-up/Credits :

Richard Pinhas / VCS3 synthesizers, guitars, A.R.P.

George Grunblatt / Mellotron, guitars, A.R.P.

Alain Renaud / guitar

Alain Bellaiche / bass

Heldon – “αλετεια” (Allez Teia) Album cover photo (front)


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