Stoner Rock U.S.A. 1990s (Albums) Brant Bjork – “Jalamanta”

Stoner Rock U.S.A. 1990s (Albums)

Brant Bjork (Palm Springs, California, U.S.A.)

“Jalamanta”  Debut solo album by the artist 

Released on Man’s Ruin Records ( MR 183cd) on 11th October 1999

Jalamanta is Brant Bjork‘s debut solo effort after leaving Kyuss and joining Fu Manchu. Originally released in 1999 on now defunct Man’s Ruin Records label, Jalamanta was re-released on Bjork’s own label, Duna Records, in 2003, 2006 and 2009.

Promotional Information: From the mind of Brant Bjork (KYUSS, FU MANCHU) comes a trip through the Soulful side of things. 12 tracks of ghetto vibe wonder. World-renowned for his “Rock” drumming, Brant welcomes you to his side of the tracks… psychedelic, soulful, organic, sexy… The result of years of writing and composing, this record will also offer a highly personal side, as the cover art is also painted by Brant. MAN’S RUIN considers this one of their most interesting releases to date. File with: WAR, WATTS RIOTS, FLYING BURRITO BROTHERS.

Line-up/Credits :

Drums, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, & Vocals: Brant Bjork

Recorded the first week of Feb ’99 at Rancho de la Luna, Joshua Tree, CA

Produced by Rosa. Engineered by Tony Mason. Mixed by Tony Mason & Rosa

Mastered by Schneebie. Additional guitars by Mario Lalli & Gary Arce

All songs written by Brant Bjork

Words & Vocals on Toot by Mario Lalli

Paintings & Photos by Brant Bjork. Layout by Bjork/Kozik

Tracks :

All tracks written by Brant Bjork, except tracks 7 & 12.

No. Title Length
1. “Lazy Bones” 1:29
2. “Automatic Fantastic” 6:59
3. “Cobra Jab” 3:18
4. “Too Many Chiefs…Not Enough Indians” 3:44
5. “Sun Brother” 4:45
6. “Let’s Get Chinese Eyes” 4:45
7. “Toot” (Lyrics by Mario Lalli, music by Brant Bjork) 5:58
8. “Defender of the Oleander” 7:53
9. “Low Desert Punk” 4:09
10. “Waiting for the Coconut to Drop” 3:57
11. “Her Brown Blood” 4:15
12. “Indio” 4:08
13. Take Me Away” (Vinyl only bonus track, Blue Öyster Cult cover) 5:35

The original Man’s Ruin album lists track #5 as “Oasis Layback”, but was changed on the Duna release to “Sun Brother”.

Brant Bjork – “Jalamanta” Album cover photo (front)


Brant Bjork – “Jalamanta”

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