Atomic Rooster Band’s Photos

atomic rooster 1


Atomic Rooster Booklet Photo (the photo is included on the box set “Atomic Rooster – “Resurrection” (Resurrection is the 2002 compilation album from English progressive rock band Atomic Rooster. The album comes as a three-disc set, which features songs from Atomic Roooster (1970), Death Walks Behind You (1970) and In Hearing of Atomic Rooster (1971). Released on 12th February 2002

Heavy box 12″ size, containing 3 separate cds, each one in a gatefold cardboard sleeve, plus a 24-pages A5 booklet with lyrics, pictures, credits and liner notes.

CDs have respectively cat# AK 167/1, AK 167/2, AK 167/3.
Cat # on box is 167/3).

atomic rooster 2