Garage/Psychedelic Rock U.K. 1970s (Tracks) Axe – “The Child Dreams”

Garage/Psychedelic Rock U.K. 1970s (Tracks)

Axe  (Northampton, U.K.)

“The Child Dreams” A4 track included on the album “Axe Music” 

Re-released/Reissued on Kissing Spell Records ( KSLP9308) in 1993 (recorded at Beck Studios and released on acetate in 1970)

Line-up/Credits :

Vivienne / vocals
A Barford / lead guitar
R Hilliard / acoustic guitar
M Nobbs / bass
S Gordon / percussion

Lyrics :

Long ago in times of old
When knights in armor were strong and bold,
When fairies lived beneath the trees
And flew about on bumblebees.
They bathed and swam in moonlight shafts,
And for miles around, you heard their laughs.

In toadstools large and small
Are tiny lights and chimneys tall.
Fiery dragons roar through caves
Sending out a mist-like haze.
Fat stout trolls beneath bridges lie
Waiting to grab whatever comes by

Think i know what such a place
Where spiders spin pure webs of lace.
I will take you there with me
And together forever we will be
In the land of no return
Like peter pan we live and learn.

Axe – “Axe Music” Album cover photo (front)


Axe – “The Child Dreams”Video file link on YouTube